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How it works:

  1. Place your order with the name to translate (Chinese name is ok too)

  2. Pay through Paypal

  3. We will translate it into Chinese

  4. I will wirte it and ship it to you

We guarantee:

  • Original work -- NO computer generated printout

  • Written with professional calligraphy brush and ink

  • Standard and correct name translation

  • To your satisfaction or your money back

Click here to see a computer generated version of your name TRANSLATED into Chinese. (FREE)

  Your Name Translated into Chinese and Transformed into Beautiful Chinese Calligraphy Art
I am Chinese with many American friends.

One day a coworker asked me: "What's my name in Chinese?" I just wrote it down on a piece of napkin with a ball pen. He liked it and he told everybody about it. "That was not a name -- It's like beautiful art!" he told me.

That was pretty nice, but I was thinking: "If I use a professional Chinese calligraphy brush (pen), ink, and write it on a special paper (rice paper or Xuan paper), it will be even better."

In the meantime, many friends were asking me to write their names in Chinese.

If people like it I will do it. So here you are. I am sure you will like it too.

Just give your name and I will TRANSLATE it into Chinese, WRITE it on a piece of 12 x 16 professional paper with a special Chinese calligraphy brush and ink, SIGN and DATE it.

You can frame it, hang on your living room, office, or place it on your desk to show to your friends. Or you can get one for your girl/boy friend as a special personalized gift which you cannot buy from a store.

Size: 11" x 17"

Price: $15.99

Shipping/Handling: $5.99

Production: 5 business days

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